Professional artist from The Fuen Academy in Denmark 2005

My artworks are the field between Sound art, performance, object and participant based art. In the processes of art, my reflections and investigations are concentrated on symbolic meanings, and the situated bodily material in time and space. Especially the relation between humans, their culture understanding and their relation to express feelings and opinions thru things and bodily.

I often work with situations, meetings and the influences of materials in the meeting. I see my studies as sensory openings into our perception of social spaces. Where emotions and cognitive choices clash with our choices in shared views. I often involve the audience or the space and atmosphere in artistic processes. The symbolic meanings of space and actions are close reflections between inner and outer general feelings. I am interested in how materials and people are shaped in mutual processes and inscribe themselves both in a broad understanding of culture and formation and in a more intimate and personal one. In my history as a visual artist, I work across disciplines in theater, exhibitions, learning spaces and street art. In my artwork, I work alone and together, to see how ideas arise and disappear, as cultural norms arise and disappear.

Three photographic in the series of work “human nature”

“when I evaporate beautifully, I die”2019

Two Video work

Nature witness nature 2022
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